Smart Athletes Auto-Regulate


The ability to auto regulate is one of the most important qualities an athlete can have in reference to their training.

What does "auto regulate" mean?

Auto regulating is basically the ability to adapt your training to how you’re feeling that day or that week.

Examples of auto regulating could be...

1-Moving from a dead lift to a barbell glute bridge because you jarred your fingers on the weekend and can’t grip anything

2-It’s changing from a full range squat to a high box squat because you corked your calf

3-It’s dropping the reps from 5 down to singles because the thought of any more volume makes you want to puke

4-It could even be changing from a barbell overhead press to a dumbbell overhead press because it feels better on your shoulders today

Coming into the season the plan should be to move well, and recover for your game on the weekend.

But each week is going to throw different challenges at you and you will have to alter your program on a daily basis to get the most out of each session without compromising your performance the next weekend.

Just because the plan says 3 sets of 3, doesn’t mean you have to do 3 sets of 3. You could freshen up by working on accessories or hitting some light cardio. I find my favourite way to keep training when I don’t feel like it is to lift heavy but drop the reps to 1 or 2 each set.

Auto regulating is not about skipping training days either (although that may be necessary sometimes). Find something that’s going to work for you that day. Find something that's as close as you can to the stimulus you were looking for. When looking for a substitute think about the speed of the movement, the load, the muscle groups and the movement pattern.

Basically - what's the goal of the original session? Okay, good. How can we get as close as we can to that, with how you're feeling at this very moment?

Smart athletes can adjust on the fly. Smart athletes don't just follow the whiteboard because that was the plan. Smart athletes know their body. Smart athletes know when to push but more importantly when to throttle back and adapt.



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