Stop Waiting For Monday

I'm gonna lose friends here but - and this might surprise some people - you don’t have to wait until Monday to start your new diet or training plan.⠀

Guess what? You don’t have to wait until next month or January first either.⠀

You can, in fact, start a new diet on Wednesday. You can head to the gym for the first time on a Friday. If you miss Monday and Tuesday's sessions, you don't have to take the rest of the week off.⠀

I know, shocking isn't it!⠀

If you start to look at your training and your fitness as just an accumulation of work over time, instead of days, weeks, months or years, you'll be much better off.⠀

Not exactly what you'd expect to hear from a gym, right? You might have been locked into a "new-years 3 months free" contract at your local Globo-gym. That's all good. ⠀

We're here to give you some helpful advice. Waiting for Monday, waiting for the first, waiting for next year... is only delaying any results you see AND it will make it easier to push things off over and over and over again in the future.⠀

Eventually, you will have to do the work. Eventually, you will have to put the cookies down. Eventually, you will have to get under the bar. Eventually, you will have to run up the hill. If you want to see results, stop delaying the inevitable.⠀

Stop waiting for tomorrow.⠀

Stop waiting for Monday.⠀