The Best Program is the One You're Not On


This might seem counterintuitive but... ⠀

When we train the same systems, the same movements, the same patterns, the same intensities and the same volumes, our body gets used to it. ⠀

This can be a good thing if you're looking to minimise soreness or maintain athletic qualities at different times of the season. But completely switching up the training stimulus is likely to result in rapid progress in that area. ⠀

Why? ⠀

Because your body HASN’T had time to adapt to the new stimulus.⠀

But let me be clear, this doesn't mean we should bounce from program to program. Consistency over time is crucial. ⠀

So what's the point of this post then? ⠀

Well, if you've been doing something for a really long time (8-12+ weeks and actually doing every session) and you've stopped seeing progress at the rate you would like to. The solution is simple - MIX UP YOUR TRAINING STIMULUS. ⠀

If you're always going out for 5-10km jogs. Go find a hill. Sprint up it for 20 seconds. Then walk back down. Repeat for 20-30 minutes. ⠀

If you're always doing bodybuilder splits - 'back and bi's', 'chest and tri's', 'legs' - change to a full body split. Focus on maximal strength. Keep reps below 5. Add a few more sets. And have some goddamn rest. ⠀

If you're an athlete chasing performance goals - take a leaf out of the bodybuilder handbook. Spend time throwing on some mass. It's not like there's sport in Melbourne anytime soon...⠀

If you're a bodyweight strength guy, get a barbell in your hands. ⠀

If you're a machine-kinda lady, start using some free weights. ⠀

If you're about lifting as much weight as humanly possible, spend some time working on mobility. ⠀

I think you get the point. ⠀

Should you do this forever? Absolutely not. 2-3 weeks, maybe 4. Then go back. Specificity and consistency over the long haul is more important. ⠀

But this can be a great way to break through a sticking point in your training. You'll be amazed at the way your body adapts to mixing up the stimulus for a couple weeks. ⠀

Don't allow your body to get comfortable. Actively #seekdiscomfort



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