There is More To Life Than 3 sets of 10

I wanna let everyone in on a little secret... There is more to lifting weights than 3 sets of 10. ⠀

You can do 3 sets of 3, 5 sets of 5, 10 sets of 1, shit I've even done 30 sets of 1. ⠀

If you're constantly doing 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps than you're leaving potential on the table. While 3 sets of 10 may feel like you're working hard. You get a nice burn and breathe heavy. You're missing many other athletic qualities. ⠀

How did we get to 3 sets of 10?⠀

When you talk about sets and reps you can thank Thomas DeLorme. He was a world war 2 doctor that helped his soldiers recover from injuries sustained in battle. His training method? 3 sets of 10. Each set progressively gets heavier. It rehabbed injuries much better than anything else at the time. ⠀

A 2012 paper about DeLorme explained - "In 1951, DeLorme published the text 'Progressive Resistance Exercise: Technic and Medical Application', which was widely read by other physicians and medical professionals. The book, and DeLorme's academic publications on progressive resistance exercise, helped legitimize strength training and played a key role in laying the foundation for the science of resistance exercise."⠀

And... most people have never heard of him. Which is totally fine. But he has influenced your training more than you think. ⠀

The point of this post is not a history lesson, although it is interesting. The point of this post is to explain that there is more to lifting weights than 3x10. ⠀

If you're an athlete looking to get more powerful, you better do some explosive work for 1-3 reps. ⠀

If you want to get stronger, you better start lifting below 5 reps. For max strength hit 1-3 reps for multiple sets. ⠀