Tia-Claire Toomey Can Teach Us About Injury


Tia-Claire Toomey recently put out a YouTube video describing one of the biggest mistakes she's made in her career...

It's a story about an injury. ⠀

She hurt her back in training and kept it quiet. She could have gone to a specialist that day, had it looked at and started the healing process. She waited. The specialist later told her, "had she come and seen him sooner it would have been one week off training and she would have been fine." She ended up struggling through 6-8 months of excruciating pain during training and competition. She finally saw the Doc and now had to have 6 months completely off - basically short walks and bed rest. ⠀

Injuries in sports are inevitable. If you're pushing your body in any capacity, there's a chance of injury. When you do get injured, don't deal with it silently, you need to speak up, seek help and get it fixed. ⠀

Dan John says the first point of call in training is to fix your injuries. Rehab is the focus. Work with a professional that specializes in the injury. Fork out the money, it's worth it. Once you get the help, ACTUALLY DO THE WORK THEY ASSIGN. No amount of expert advice helps if you don't do the work.⠀

So if you are dealing with an injury, now would be the time to fix it. All sport is cancelled for the foreseeable future, so NOW is the time to sort your shit out. Don't go back day 1 of pre-season with a nagging injury you've been pushing through. Take a couple of steps back, drop the ego, don't be in a rush and fix the pain you're in. It might suck now but you'll be happy you did it in the future. ⠀