Training Plateau? Try this


You might be neglecting one of the key areas in fitness. I like to break fitness down into 6 pillars.⠀

1. Breath⠀

2. Sleep⠀

3. Mindset⠀

4. Nutrition⠀

5. Recovery⠀

6. Movement⠀

Your training is only one aspect of fitness - Movement. Often we look to train harder, train more, or train differently when we hit a sticking point. This isn't a bad thing, but it's not the most effective.⠀

If you're consistently training and you've got a decent work ethic, it's unlikely your training is the problem. These areas overlap at some points, but it's a good starting point in troubleshooting your "training" plateau You might need to look at how you're breathing. ⠀

Are you using nasal breathing during your training? Are you spending time down-regulating after a session? Are you breathing through your nose at rest and while you sleep?⠀

What's your sleep like? Are you getting 8 hours? What about the quality of those hours? Do you wake up with a dry mouth or feel lethargic? Do you struggle to get to sleep or are you tossing and turning all night?⠀

What's your mindset like? Have you built fitness into your life? Have you changed your daily behaviours, your routine and your habits to be in line with your goals? How do you talk to yourself during hard blowouts? Do you believe you can improve? What's your WHY behind training?⠀

What's your kitchen look like? Are you eating fruits and vegetables? Are you getting in enough protein? Are you eating too much or not enough? Do you eat a lot of food in packages? When you go shopping, do you shop in the aisles or go around the perimeter?⠀

Do you spend time recovering from training? Yes, sleep and nutrition are important but how are you going to complement these areas? Do you stretch or do any self-massage? Do you use contrast showers or ice baths? Do you hit the sauna regularly or practice breath-work?⠀

Take a look at each pillar of fitness and ask yourself - "where am I neglecting?"You'd be surprised at how much a seemingly-unrelated area, such as down-regulation, can affect your performance.⠀



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