Using EMOM's for Strength Development


EMOM's a.k.a. "every minute on the minute." ⠀

Basically, start the clock and do X number of reps/distance /calories... = "work". If it takes you 20 seconds, you get 40 seconds rest before the next minute. ⠀

When the clock ticks over 58, 59, 60... you do X number of reps/distance /calories again. If it takes you 25 seconds this time, then you get 35 seconds rest. ⠀

And you repeat this process for as long as you want. ⠀

EMOM's are often used in conditioning workouts - something like 12 cal assault bike every minute on the minute for 30 minutes. Or 5 burpees and a 100m run every minute on the minute for 20 minutes. ⠀

But I like to use them for strength development. Instead of doing calories or distances, I'll do 1-3 reps EMOM. ⠀

I use this as a way to build volume at a high percentage of my 1 rep max. It also gives me adequate time to recover and work on other things like mobility / soft tissue in between.

Some of my favourite sessions have been a 30 min EMOM of bench press with @dirty_geurty. I'll do 1-3 reps at a reasonably high percentage of 1RM. Let's say 80-90% and complete that for 30 minutes. ⠀

I'm not banged up afterwards. I'm not going to failure. I'm not grinding out reps. What I am doing is getting in quality reps with a heavy load. ⠀

Remember that strength is a skill. It's neural. We're teaching our brain to more effectively activate the muscle tissue that's available. I'm not sure if there's a more enjoyable way then a long-ass EMOM like this one. ⠀

You could also mix it up with an upper body and a lower body lift. You might be able to lift a bit heavier this way because you give your upper body a rest when the lower body is working and vice versa. ⠀

An example of this would be: ⠀

Min 1 = 3 weighted chin-ups⠀

Min 2 = 1 front squat ⠀

Min 3 = 3 weighted chin-ups ⠀

Min 4 = 1 front squat ⠀

And so on... ⠀

Hopefully that makes sense. Here's a video of @kdony smoking some weighted chins for a set of 3. ⠀



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