Using Plastic Bags to Train At Home

Excuse the dogs in the videos 😂

Everyone should have access to some plastic bags and a slippery surface while in isolation. If you don’t, head to Amazon, and buy some furniture sliders for 10 bucks and use them on carpet. ⁣

Floorboards work best for this, but tiles can also work.⁣

Exercises in order of appearance… ⁣

Reaching push-ups: push-ups are king at the moment. But like anything, they can get boring if you do them every day. These ones will challenge your midline stability and single arm strength a helluva lot more. ⁣

Pikes: this ones great for shoulder stability and midline development – aim to keep your legs straight through the entire range. ⁣

Arm circles: wax on, wax off! Do 10 or so circles each side, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Keep your hips from rocking around too much. ⁣

Body saw planks: some people tend to pike these (lift the hips into the sky), so try and avoid that. We basically want to slide backwards and forwards on our elbows while maintaining hip height. ⁣

Reverse lunge: simply slide one leg backwards and drop the back knee towards the ground. Try and avoid having your front knee pushing ahead of your toes. ⁣

Lateral lunge: this may test the mobility a fair bit, hold onto a partner’s hands or some sort of railing for added stability. ⁣

Single leg squat: don’t try and go to low with this one. Drive your planted heel into the ground hard! Don’t worry about the back rounding a little on these (it’s virtually impossible to prevent). Just don’t load them with a flexed spine. ⁣

Eccentric hamstring curls: focus on digging your heels into the floor and sliding out slowly. ⁣

Hamstring curls: a more intense version of the eccentrics which requires you to pull all the way back in while maintaining hip extension (think hips up). ⁣

Hopefully these exercises can spice things up a little bit while you don’t have access to your gym. If you’d like any help with your S&C work right now, feel free to reach out.#one22#floorslides


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