Weniger Aber Besser

We made a mistake.

We used to add far too much variety into our programming. We thought that it’d keep our athletes excited. We thought it'd keep them consistent.

Sure, learning a new lift can be exciting. But change for the sake of change can be a bad thing.

That German phrase above “Weniger aber besser” translates to "Less but better."

We fixed our blunder.

We no longer give our athletes variety for the sake of variety. We stick the basics. We give our athletes certain lifts because we thoroughly believe - at this point in time - it is the absolute most effective use of their energy.

Giving them a new exercise for the sake of variety, knowing full well that there is a better option, is purposefully doing them a disservice. Why would we do that? It makes no sense.

Sure, it came from a good place - "let's keep it exciting" - but it's not the most effective use of their time and energy. So we don't anymore.

At any one time we stick to a handful of different movements. Usually just "the big 5" - push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry. We change up the stimulus with bands, heavier lifts, faster lifts, single limb stuff and other small tweaks, but we stick to what's essential.

Our aim is to master the basic movements - at least master them as much as an athlete needs to.

Too much variety, following the newest diet, or trying every new exercise you see on Instagram leads to a millimetre of progress in a million different areas. Reverse that!

Let's go deep on a handful of different areas. Let's nail the basics in our diet. Let's focus on the big rocks.

When in doubt, simplify down.

Our warm-up is the same every day.

We train 5 or 6 key lifts throughout the week.

We focus on previous injuries or commonly injured areas.

And we build work capacity specific to our sports.

They're the essentials.

Everything else is noise.

Everything else is a waste of time.

More importantly, everything else is a waste of valuable energy.

Weniger aber besser - less but better.


Photo taken from @gregorymckeown’s book Essentialism.


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