You Don't Need A Gym

Can you...

- Do a push up where you kiss the floor at the bottom, while maintaining a straight line from head - hips - heels? ⁣

- Do the above for multiple sets and reps? ⁣

- Lay on your tummy, arms raised off the floor overhead with your thumbs in the air, moving your arms around to the sides and mimic being handcuffed by the police? Can you repeat this, back and forth, multiple times without allowing the arms to touch the ground? ⁣

- Hang from something and hold your bodyweight for 2 minutes? ⁣

- Hang from something and pull yourself up? ⁣

- Hold a plank for 2 minutes? ⁣

- Sit in a hollow position for 1 minute? If you don’t know what this is, your answer is no. ⁣

- Stand on one leg? For 30 seconds? With your eyes closed? ⁣

- Perform a single leg squat to your dining table chair without crashing on it or allowing your knee to cave inwards? For multiple reps only gently tapping the chair with your butt each time? ⁣

- Perform a hinge pattern on one leg while maintain balance and not flaring like an airplane? ⁣

- Perform 7 way hips with 15 repetitions each position? If you’ve got no idea what this is, your answer here is no (YouTube it). ⁣

- Run for 20 minutes without stopping? ⁣

If you answered NO to any of the above - you have work to do during lockdown. ⁣

And you don’t need a gym. ⁣

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