You May Never Get This Chance Again

Yep. We’re back in lockdown. Now that we’ve had a few days to come to terms with it, let me ask you something. How are you going to spend it? ⁣

We could spend this time moping around, thinking the world is out to get us, that life’s not fair and that this sucks. To be fair, it’s a shitty situation. Everyone has their story. Some people have it worse than others. But in terms of fitness, how are you going to spend this time? ⁣

We now have more time on our hands than ever before. ⁣

We have less distractions than ever before. ⁣

Even if you’re still employed through this, you’re not allowed to do anything on the weekends. You can’t go and see your mates after work. You can’t go to the pub. ⁣

You have the opportunity to make this time count or let it go to waste. ⁣

We are viewing it this way for our business. How can we adapt and improve? How can we provide a better service for our members? How can we improve our programming, technology, education, and personal development? ⁣

We need to switch from this ‘woe is me’ attitude, to viewing this as an opportunity to work on things we may not have had the time for before – things we’ve been neglecting. ⁣

You could quite comfortably, sit on the couch, do a thousand steps and watch Netflix all day. That would be easy. But how do you feel after 2 days of doing that? Probably like an unproductive piece of shit. ⁣

So snap out of it and start to work on these little habits that can actually move the needle forward. If your routine was to wake up at 5am, go to the gym, then go home and eat breakfast. Why can’t you manage to do that now? ⁣

Sure, you may not be able to go to the gym, but what’s wrong with waking up at 5am and going for a run? Then the next morning, a bodyweight strength session. Then a bike ride… ⁣

We’re creatures of habit. Just because your gym has closed down, it doesn’t give you an excuse to stop training. Keep the routine and use the valuable time you’ve been given to make a difference. You may never get this chance again. ⁣

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